Whether you are looking for a postnatal treatment on île de Ré, a romantic week-end in Arcachon, a relaxing city dweller break in La Rochelle or Hendaye, each of our well-being holidays is a combination of harmony of the senses and total relaxation in the beauty of our landscapes, with mild weather, from January to December !


Balneology in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is France’s number one region for balneology, with 14 spas and 27 of the country’s thermal resorts. The diversity of our subsoils makes the amount of mineral salts and trace elements vary in the water they filter, so there are any different virtues and types of treatments.  From Charente’s resorts (Jonzac, La Roche-Posay, Rochefort and Saujon) to the Landes (namely Dax, France’s first spa town) to Casteljaloux, Eaux-Bonnes and Eaux-Chaudes in Béarn (do not miss the charming village of Salies !), you can tour Nouvelle-Aquitaine by visiting its spa towns!
Mud baths, hydromassages, different types of showers and sprays… so many ways to relax and to feel good !

Thalassotherapy : the key to happiness

What is thalassotherapy? Ocean water treatments in spas located less than 1.000 metres from the sea. The word was invented by Doctor de La Bonnardière, in Arcachon.
The same treatments, but with « regular » water are known as balneotherapy. You’ll enjoy the stylish decor and luxurious atmosphere in our spas and hotels. Essential oil massages, hot stones, shiatsu… relaxation, inner peace and beauty at their finest!

Brand new : Vinotherapy

Vinotherapy simply had to be popular in the region of France where there are the finest wine vineyards in the world !
Why not try a honey and wine treatment, a crushed cabernet exfoliation or a vine drainage?
The Caudalie brand developed vinotherapy in the amazing château Smith Haut-Lafitte.

Once you have chosen a treatment or a location, sit back and relax… you are in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!