From Biarritz, on the ocean’s edge, to the foot of the Pyrenees

Biarritz and the Basque Coast seaside resorts are yours to discover! You'll love our inland valleys and picturesque villages. So much culture, so many spots and tastes to share!

 Les façades de Bayonne  ©Laurent_Reiz

Biarritz, a seaside town


Biarritz is the most urban of the seaside resorts on the Basque Coast. “Launched” in the 19th century by Empress Eugenie, the town stands out with its original architecture and its casino. After the beach, head to the boutiques, art galleries and trendy bars!
From the top of the Rocher de la Vierge, there is an unrestricted view of the bay and its history, from whalers to the “tonton surfers”.
Do not miss: the City of the Ocean.

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The Basque Coast : surf, golf and thalassotherapy


The Basque Coast is renowned for its surf spots which regularly host international competitions. From Anglet to Hendaye, many surf schools introduce visitors to the joys of board sports.
There are also unforgettable golf courses and several other seaside resorts, (Anglet, Bidart, Guethary, Saint Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye), connected by a coastal path which winds over 25 kilometres, along beaches and cliffs.
To make the most of the sea and its benefits, try a sea treatment in one of the 5 thalassotherapy centres on the Basque Coast.
Relaxation and health are the key words!

Inland Pays-Basque  and its villages


Green hills, red and green half-timbered houses, a pelota pediment. No doubt: You are in a typical inland Pays-Basque village, not far from the ocean and the Pyrenees. In the main square, the market has an abundance of local products (Mobile site) : Bayonne ham, “Brebis” (Ewe) cheese, Basque Gâteau etc.
The Basque people are attached to their region and proud of their traditional culture, unique language and original sports (pelota, Basque rural sports).

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Biarritz became France’s first surf town in 1957. In fact, two Americans, Dick Zanuck and Peter Viertel – who had come to the area to shoot a film inspired by Hemingway’s...