Want to discover what is the French «savoir-faire» ? Work of porcelain, leather, gastronomy ... Limoges and the Limousin is full of riches to seize, see, learn.

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A skillful land

Limoges offers a wide range of cultural and gastronomic discoveries.

Thanks to the porcelain that decorates the world’s most prestigious tables, Limoges is recognised as a “UNESCO creative city”. Its museums shelter some unusual treasures.

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The Adrien Dubouché National Porcelain Museum possesses many unique and original pieces. The Fine Arts Museum houses an exceptional collection of enamels from the Middle Ages to our day. The Museum of the Resistance testifies to the history of the maquisards and other heroes of the Resistance from the region: you can see their sabotage equipment and even a very rare Italian aircraft.

The heart of the city is well worth a visit, especially the Boucherie district, which is famous for its half-timbered houses, little restaurants and shops of yesteryear. Not far from there, the Cité district is the site of the easily recognisable Limougeauds Cathedral. Another architectural curiosity is Limoges station, which, with its bell tower that stands out like a lighthouse, is the city’s most famous monument.

As for shopping, you can chose between porcelain and enamel, but also the famous locally produced Weston shoes or the luxury gloves made in Saint-Junien that grace the hands of the “great ladies” of this world.

For the pleasure of the finest gourmets, the region is also renowned for its tender limousine beef that is marbled just as it should be. A real delight!


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Near Limoges, the Reynou zoological and landscape park offers a surprising stroll around a 19th century château and large expanses where 600 animals roam free.

Nearby, Oradour-sur-Glane, the martyr village that was destroyed on 10 June 1944, remains a symbol of France scarred by the German occupation. The Memorial Centre evokes this tragic episode and enables visitors to better understand it.

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Enter in one of the darkest pages of the Second World War. A place of memory and exposure gripping emotion.
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