Limousin, the dawning of luxury

Basic ingredients combined with the talent, creativity and the persistance of the men and women of Limousin, gave this territory its international fame, thanks to skills such as fire arts (Limoges enamel and porcelain), Aubusson tapestry, Saint Junien glove-making... 

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A skillful land

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Water, earth, fire... life's basic ingredients, which not only enabled Limousin's men and women to live here since the Prehistoric era, but who also helped them to develop skills of excellence such as : Limoges enamel and porcelain, Aubusson tapestry, Saint Junien leather gloves, and Tulle's accordions and lace, to name a few. Limousin, in the French countryside, is a green land of valleys dappled with reddish cows, lakes and forests : the mythical Dordogne river, the Impressionist valley in Creuse... 


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From Aubusson to Gueret,  Limoges to Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Limousin destination offers you the luxury of choice : culture, sports, family holidays... we have so much to offer visitors, for a vacation like no other!  

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