Poitiers - Futuroscope

Did you know that Futuroscope is one of France’s most beloved theme parks? In 2017, the park will be celebrating its 30th anniversary ! Visit Poitiers and Futuroscope and come join in on the fun!

You won’t find roller-coasters or carrousels at Futuroscope. Our rides are a real-life experience!

Dynamic cinemas, gigantic screens, dancing with robots… there are so many unusual attractions for visitors of all ages!  

Martin Solveig and Luc Besson are just a few of the celebrities who brought their talent to the park, for rides such as « Arthur l’Aventure 4D » (Arthur's 4D Adventure), « les Lapins Crétins » (Raving Rabbids), « l’Age de Glace » (Ice Age)… The world-famous “Cirque du Soleil » even worked on a special night show for Futuroscope called « La Forge aux Etoiles ». 2017’s great new attraction : “L’Extraordinaire Voyage » (The extraordinary journey), inspired by the travels of Jules Verne.

Poitiers and its 2.000 year old history and heritage are quite a contrast from Futuroscope. The city is just a few minutes’ drive from the park. Poitiers is also known as "the city of 100 bell towers", with majestic Romanesque churches, such as Notre-Dame-la-Grande.


The town also has a dynamic and modern pedestrian area, near town hall and rue Carnot, with lovely cafe terraces that liven up when the weather is warm.

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