Dordogne, a mythical valley and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

The river Dordogne comes to life in France’s volcano country and flows through Limousin’s granite gorges, all the way to the Gironde estuary.        
It is a breathtaking and mesmerizing combination of natural and man-made masterpieces, landscapes and history.


The Dordogne valley became one of the world’s 610 “biosphere reserves” in 2012, highlighting this exceptional 24.000 sq. kilometre natural site and its 475 kms of rivers and streams.

An endless source of discoveries


The Dordogne valley is a multitude of colours, landscapes, built heritage, types of flora and fauna, cities and villages which are all part of this mythical river’s history, and the land it flows through. What makes this valley outstanding is its great diversity.  

From the old leather town of Bort-les-Orgues, to the former gabare-boat port of Argentat, Beaulieu – also known as « the Limousin riviera », the ochre village of La Roque Gageac embedded in a cliff, the "Art and History Town" of Bergerac, the fortified town of Libourne, once a 19th century port, all the way to Masacret in Saint Pardon (a huge wave that crashes up the river every time there is an equinox)… the Dordogne valley is certainly worth several visits. There are so many experiences to live and things to see, on foot, by boat, on a bicycle, and by car!

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