Holiday suggestions in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Here is a selection of holiday suggestions throughout Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Make the most of our region's multiple landscapes and facets: from the crystal blue waters of the Charente islands and Arcachon Bay, to breathtaking 360° panoramas of the Pyrenees mountains and hills of Corrèze, to the lavish green Limousin countryside and Marais Poitevin canals and marshes, to our lively cities... there's something for every taste and budget in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, South West France! 

Pointe du Fier_17058©Region_Nouvelle-Aquitaine_Francis_Leroy

Your seaside holidays in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Islands, white sandy beaches, lakes that look like lagoons… Palm trees? No, but we do have pine trees ! We also have European beach grass, a type of plant that stabilizes...


Mountain holidays in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Welcome to the « Pyrénées béarnaises », and Pays Basque mounts ! The mountains’ charms evolve with each new season, to delight hikers, botanists, and anyone looking for a nature destination.  In spring...

Randonnée©D. Guillemain

Your countryside holidays in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is all about preserved nature and diverse landscapes, fauna and flora. It boasts 4 Regional Nature Parks: Landes de Gascogne, Marais Poitevin, Millevaches en Limousin and Périgord- Limousin, and 1...


Nouvelle-Aquitaine City Holidays

South-West France is the place to be if you enjoy the liveliness of city holidays: we definitely know how to celebrate!   Festive events, fantastic dining, shopping… Our towns are also...