Pompadour, the horse kingdom!

Did you know there was a prestigious race track in Limousin ? This magical place is located in Arnac-Pompadour, Corrèze. Whether you are mad about horses, or just a curious visitor, Pompadour is definitely a must-see in Limousin! 


As you step through the race track gate, and walk along the alley of trees that lead to the track, the atmosphere changes, making visitors feel as if they'd just stepped into a different world. 



You'll be impressed at how the jockeys communicate with their horses. Often, not a single word is pronounced and watching them is really quite magical! When you're not used to race tracks, it can be quite thrilling to find yourself amongst an entire platform of race fans, excitedly waiting for it all to begin. The horses you will see here are majestic animals, and when the bell rings to announce the beginning of a race, there is so much excitement that you almost feel like it is you sitting up there on horseback! As the horses run past the bleachers, you can feel the ground beneath you vibrate!



Horse-racing is an institution in Pompadour. The very first races in Pompadour date back to 1837, and have taken place each year ever since. There are flat races (without obstacles) and obstacle races

Other big events that take place here are Pompadour's emblematic hat contest (the person wearing the best hat wins!), donkey races and greyhound races.  Often, there are craftwork stands where you can purchase local artifacts, food, and horseriding equipment, to name a few. 

While you're in Pompadour, be sure to visit the stables and to have a stroll around the castle! The name of Pompadour became world famous thanks to Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson) to whom King Louis XV offered the chateau and the associated title of "Marquise".

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