Touring Itineraries

Bordeaux, Périgord, Pau, Limoges, Cognac... here are a few suggestions of itineraries  to help you make the most of your next trip to Nouvelle-Aquitaine ! 

Back to the future in fascinating Poitiers

Calling all history fans… Get ready for a 2.000 year time lapse, brought to you by the city of Poitiers! This Town of Art and History in South West France...

Biarritz @ Biarritz Tourisme / CRT Aquitaine

Biarritz seaside resort, on the go holidays in South West France

Come experience Biarritz for a weekend and make the most of this delightful town and lovely Basque villages. 

Wine and wonders in Bergerac for just 187€/person*

Summer days are over and autumn’s crisp, cool days are here… Isn’t it about time you booked an escapade in lovely South West France ? The good news is, there are...

Limoges porcelain shopping spree, just an hour away from home!

Welcome to Limoges, the international capital of porcelain (or « porcelana », the name it was given by Marco Polo, upon returning from China.) Century-old houses, ancient churches, fabulous museums and medieval bridges which pilgrims...

MuseeAdrienDubouche®M Turin

Great brands and shopping itinerary

Begin your day at Adrien Dubouche National Museum to discover the world's finest porcelain collection and to travel through time, from the loveliest Antique creations to today.  A tour of...

Back to basics in Brive

Beat the post summer blues with a blissful week-end at Spalazen Resort in Brive, South West France!

chemin-saint-jacques-credential©CG64-JM Decompte

UNESCO and Santiago de Compostela sites

Several routes to Santiago de Compostela head through Nouvelle-Aquitaine: a great opportunity to discover architectural, military, religious, culinary and handmade gems.